Adding Events to Your Website

There are a number of way to add events to your Spectra website. Below are details and examples to help you select the best option for your needs.

1. Commerce7 Events Collection

Arguably the most straightforward way to add events to your site

Works best for: wineries where all events are ticketed. If you have a mix of ticketed and free events, this isn’t the best option.
Commerce7 events collection

Add your events to Commerce7 and organize them into a collection called Events (or similar), then use the Product Collection block on Spectra to add the collection to any page you want.


2. Spectra Events Block

The Spectra Events Block is a great visual way to promote events at your winery. This block can be added to any page on your website.

Works best for: showing a handful of events on your site when not all events are ticketed.
Spectra events block

Once the block is added, you manually add your event details and photo. Once the event date passes, the event will stop showing on your website, only upcoming events will remain visible.

Learn how to use this block in this article.



3. Events Calendar Plugin

We can install a free events calendar plugin on your site if you prefer a calendar view.

Works best for: wineries with a lot of events every month (if you only host a couple events every month, it creates a lot of unnecessary clicking for site visitors)
Modern Events Calendar screenshot

Contact to request this be added to your website.