Events Block

Adding the Events Block to a Page

You can add Events to any page by click on the blue ADD CONTENT BLOCK button in the bottom right corner of the page and selecting the Events block
Adding an Events block

Adding Individual Events

1. To add an event, find your Events block and click on the ADD EVENT button in the bottom right

Add Event button

2. Add your event details including title, date, time and location

Event details

3. Add an image sized to the recommended dimensions. We don’t recommend skipping the image as there will be a blank space with a circle showing the event date.

Event image

4. Add  your event description. This can be as long or as short as you wish.

Event Details


5. If you wish to link to a place where visitors can purchase tickets or learn more, add your URL in the Button Link field. A Button Text field will appear where you can specify what you want the button to say (get tickets, learn more, etc)

Event button

Deleting Events

1. Hover over the event you want to delete and click on the minus icon in the right marginDeleting an event

2. Confirm the deleting by clicking on the red REMOVE link

Remove button