Adding An Instagram Feed

We recommend a free plugin called Smash Balloon to add an Instagram feed to your Spectra site. Here are the steps to install it:

Installing the Plugin

1. From the black sidebar on the left, select Plugins, then click on the Add New Plugin button at the top
Spectra Plugins area

2. Type Smash Balloon in the search bar. There are multiple versions of the plugin for different social chanels (Facebook, Twitter, etc). For Instagram, select the Social Photo Feed version and click Install Now.

3. Click the Activate button

4. You’ll be taken to an installation Wizard, click on the navy Launch Installation Wizard button

5. Click on the Add New button

6. Select your account type, most people use Basic.

7. Click on the Connect with Instagram button.

8. Click Allow to give Smash Balloon permission to access your account.

9. Click on Yes, it is my domain.

10. You’ll see your Instagram account name there, click Next.

11. Configure features as you wish, then click Next.

12. We recommend declining these 3 add-on as they will install additional plugins on your site that are unnecessary. Once you switch the toggle to off for all 3, click on Install Selected Plugins.

13. Click on Complete Setup Without Upgrading.

Creating a Feed

1. In the All Feeds area, click on Add New.

2. Select your feed type. Most people will use User Timeline.

3. Check the box next to your source account name, the click Next.

4. You can click No, maybe later in this section (or set it up if you prefer).

5. A guided tour popup will open, you can click on the X to close it.

6. Select your feed layout and options, then click on the red SAVE button

7. In the black sidebar on the left, click on the All Feeds section under Instagram Feed, you will then see a small button to copy the feed shortcode next to your feed name, click on the button.

Installing You Feed on a Page

1. Add a Text Block to the page you want to show the feed on.

2. Go to the Text Block Content section, then click on Text view. Paste you shortcode there.

3. Publish / Update the page to save your change.