Resize Images with Canva Free

Uploading the right size images to your website is important. Using larger images than necessary will slow down your page speed.

This turial will show you how to resize images using the free version of Canva.

1.Go to the Canva free website at and either Sign Up or Log In in the top right-hand corner
Canva sign up or log in

2.From the navigation bar, select the Create a Design button in the top right
Canva menu bar

3.From the dropdown, select Custom Size at the bottom
Custom size

4.Specify the size of the new design, this should be the size you want the photo to be. In the example, we’re using 862px wide by 522px high.
Canva size selector

5.A blank design will open. From the left sidebar, select Upload and upload the image you want to resize
Canva blank design

6.You’ll see a small thumbnail of the image on the left, click on it once to add it to the design
Photo thumbnail

7.Drag one or several of the image corners until the image fills the design
Resizing an image

8.You can give your image a meaningful name by replacing “untitled design” from the middle of the toolbar at the top with your own image name
Renaming your image

9.Select Share from the top right of the toolbar, then click on Download from the dropdown
Download an image from Canva

10.Select your file type from the dropdown. The vast majority of your images should be JPG, only use PNG if the image contains transparency. Click Download.
Canva image format and download