Adding a New Collection Page

Here are the steps to add a new collection page to your website:

1. Go to the Pages area in WordPress and click on the Add New Page button at the top
Adding a new page in WordPress

2. Give your page a title (usually the name of your collection), then click the blue Add Content Block button and add 2 blocks: a Text Block and a Product Collection block. If needed, drag the Text Block above the Product Collection Block.
Adding Spectra content blocks

3. In the Text Block, add your collection title and make it a Heading 1 using the dropdown. It usually looks best centered so use the Center button if you wish.
Spectra Text Block

4. For the product block, select the number of products you want to display per row, the collection you wish to display and whether you want to show a product teaser or not.
Spectra product collection block

5. Publish the page by clicking on the Publish button in the top right.
Publishing a page on WordPress

When done, you’ll likely want to add the new page to your main menu or as a dropdown to an existing menu item by following the instructions outlined in this article.