Adding Trade Assets

The Trade Module is a Spectra add-on. The cost is $25 per month, added to your regular Spectra fee. Contact us to activate this option if you haven’t already.

To add new assets, follow these steps:

1. In the WordPress admin area, select the Wine Assets area from the sidebar on the left
Wine assets section

2.Click on the Add New Post button at the top of the Wine Assets area
Add New Post button

3. Give your asset a name and select the Linked Brand the asset belongs to in the Linked Brand in the middle right. Most wineries will only have 1 brand.
Trade Assets 1

4. Scroll down and add a featured image, then use the Add Asset button to add assets for that wine: add a Title, select File or URL from the second column, then add the asset you want to use, whether that’s a file or an external link
Trade Assets 2

5. Manually enter the varietal and vintage for the wine. The content of these fields will be used for the Varietal and Vintage filters. The Sub-Brand field is not currently in use so leave it blank.
Trade Asset 3

6.Finally, scroll back up and click the Publish button in the top right.